All Projects - Quick Update

Here's where I'm at.

If you're interested in how all of the things are going that I'm working on, here's a brief summary.

QuickerLeads -

  • Have decided to simplify our services, with a focus on content and paid media because it's what we're best at

  • We're still doing large scale email marketing and web dev projects when needed

  • A revenue share deal we began in January is going well overall, still glad we went with that structure

Betafy -

  • We're nearly at 6,000 listed startups, over 7,000 users

  • If you want to advertise on our new weekly newsletter, holler!

  • Almost 20 episodes published to the podcast, with season 2 coming

  • Re-focused on monetization and excited for some new elements to this business

OmniLicense -

  • Have a small amount of recurring revenue

  • Several leads in the pipeline - trying to find which industry / size of company has the most pain

  • Pursuing the CE side of the ecosystem in addition to going direct to license holders

FutureCsuite -

  • Launched earlier this year (right before

  • Delayed first revenue by about 5 months, but we're there!

  • 2021 is looking very promising, confident we will hit 6 figures in revenue with a stretch goal of $250k

PlanWell -

  • Strange year given Covid19 - good and bad effects on the biz

  • Have a potentially large partnership in the works

  • Scale / personnel an issue that we still have to solve for

  • Excited for the opportunity...lots of meat on the bone because it’s a “boring” business

InternetExits -

  • Website is live

  • Lots of fresh content has recently been published

  • Invite-only buyers onboarding starts in a few business days

  • Will be working with Betafy as a partner

MyUtilities -

  • Lots of new functionality being added to the internal proprietary tech platform

  • A few big partnerships being pursued

  • Heavy focus on continuing to grow affiliate base

  • Lots of strategic planning in this season

Super Secret Funny Side Project - ???? (dot) com

  • Working actively on website

  • Building content

  • Having fun while wrestling with some product stuffs

I ALWAYS have new ideas. The Next Three?

  • Niche bookkeeping service with a community focus

  • Wealth management platform for a big niche that's under-served

  • A safe place for new dads